Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bug Day


Somehow today became "Bug Day" in the DeMotte household. Remember John the frog? Well, we let him go because Mom was tired of driving to the store to buy crickets. His tank has since seen several temporary residents. Today I woke up to find a cricket and a dead butterfly. I got the butterfly out, but the cricket was a stubborn little guy who held on for dear life to the screened top. So I left him in there, which turned out to be good, because later that morning I found a praying mantis. Mom score of the day. I got on my big girl pants and with Carter's help we got him safely inside his new home. Complete with tasty cricket goodness.

Later that day, Elizabeth was picking up little pieces of garbage and bringing them to me. It always cracks me up how toddlers bring everything they find to you. Yes, I did need that piece of lint! How thoughtful of you!

I wasn't paying attention, just holding my hand out for her, when she suddenly exclaimed, "Bug!" I looked into my hand and saw a red cockroach squirming around. Everything I was holding went flying. I ran to the laundry room to get some carpet spray. We don't own insect spray and I don't squish bugs if there's any potential of a crunching sound. So I usually resort to carpet spray. It foams up so the bugs can't get out, and that's the end of that.

When I turned around, Elizabeth was right behind me, holding the little critter up to me.

"Bug!" she said.

I swatted it to the ground and sprayed the living daylights out of it. Satisfied, I returned to the living room and back to what I was doing.

"Bug!" I hear for the third time. Elizabeth had pulled the cockroach out of the foam and was showing me. Again.

"Elizabeth. Drop it!" So she did. And then there was a half dead cockroach on the ground. Unsure of what to do, I looked at Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth. Go throw the bug away," I instructed.

"Bug?" She pointed at it.

"Yes. Go throw the bug away in the trash."

Some incoherent babble, then she picked it up, and ran into the kitchen.

A few seconds later, she's back, roach still in hand.


"YES, Elizabeth. Throw the bug AWAY."

She ran off and I heard the garbage can lid open and slam shut.

In conclusion, we have a dead butterfly on our doorstep, a praying mantis and a cricket in our tank, and a half dead cockroach in our garbage can.

Like I said. Bug Day.

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