Monday, June 27, 2011

My Typical Tuesday

Well hellooo ladies and gentlemen! But mostly ladies... :) Isn't Rachel the best?!

I'm Mallory! I've got a really cute little 8 month old named Elizabeth Grace. We're two peas in a pod, her and I. Like....UNICORNS AND GLITTER!!! No? Alright. Let's cut to the chase, shall we?


4:45AM: I am awakened by the sweet serenade of "Marimba" and the mad dash begins! One hour until I have to be at work.

4:50AM: Since I work, I have to pump for Elizabeth. It will be the first of six times today.
Hey, we're all friends here, right?

Meanwhile, I whip up a quick breakfast...

5:27AM: Leave for work.
Good night morning, moon!

5:29AM: I pass by the Jordan River Temple every day. It's always lit this time of the morning. I'm lucky to live so close.

5:33AM: Makeup in the car. I've become a pro at this.
Don't worry, I was stopped at a red light while taking this picture.

5:38AM: Hit the freeway. Sing backup for John Mayer.
(I sometimes like to think I'm pro at this.

5:52AM: Pull into work a few minutes late.

6:00A-Noon: Work. Specifically, collections.
(Enter scary "Psycho" murder scene music.)

For obvious reasons, Discover won't let us take any pictures inside. So I made a little picture for you....

discover card

It would NOT be a "typical" Tuesday if I didn't hear about turnips a few times.

12:04PM: Time to go home! I'm so excited!!!

12:21PM: But first, gotta pick up a couple things for lunch.

12:52PM: I walk in the door, and am greeted with a lovely smile!
Sorry 'bout the blurry. I had to get the real smile before she got distracted.

1:25PM: Lunch time

1:45PM: Elizabeth and I make our way upstairs. 
It's my favorite time of day: NAP TIME!

2:01PM: Elizabeth's meltdown begins....


2:06PM: Out cold.


This is when I get my best cuddle time :)


4:15PM: While Elizabeth soaks up the afternoon sun...

...I practice being an "Extreme Couponer". (I'm a wannabe)

5:25PM: A quick snack

6:03PM: Today my sister and her boyfriend wanted their pictures done. 
So, we head over to Wheeler Farm for a little photo shoot.
Manhandle stroller....wander the premises....check out scary cows.....get attacked by swans....


7:47PM: Back home, it's dinner time! Fish for me, sunglasses for Elizabeth...

8:25PM: Time to get Elizabeth ready for bed.
**Bath**Brown Bear**Bottle **
Same book.
Every night. 
I've got it memorized.

9:42PM: Semi-emergency WalMart run. 
I'm fortunate to live with my parents right now; Grandma watches over the little one.

10:28PM: Getting ready for bed

You know, the essentials.

Exchange a few texts with a ....frieenndd :)

Insanely soothing airplane white noise: check.

Sleep mask: check.
(Hey man, I'm gonna be up in 2 hours to feed the baby, I need all the help I can get!)

11:24pm: Phew! Another day, done! Goodnight, loves!

Love you, Rach! Thanks for having me!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glitter Toes

(and fingers, too!)

glitter toes

I've been dying to try out one of the biggest trends here in Utah. Hey, if you can't beat 'em....

Anywho, I did NOT feel like paying $25 or whatever it is they charge at those nail salons. No way, man.

So for all you fellow penny pinchers out there, this one's for you.

  • high quality fine glitter (I use "Barbara Trombley's Art Glitter" from Robert's Arts & Crafts. Don't forget to grab one of the flyers as you walk in the door. There's always a 40% coupon in there!)
  • coordinating nail polish
  • clear top coat


1. Paint nails with coordinating color.
2. Immediately sprinkle glitter over the top.
3. Wait to dry.
4. Apply one or two clear top coats.
5. Make fun of the people who spent $25 on their glitter toes.

Ha. Just kidding.
...sort of.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Color Palette: Lavender Dust

lavender dust

Yummy neutrals...

Book Club: Stolen Innocence


This week's book is Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall. And wow, TALK about captivating! Elissa Wall grew up in a polygamist community and was forced into an underage marriage by the infamous Warren Jeffs. Don't worry; eventually she manages to escape. This is where she tells her story.

Warren Jeffs' polygamist sect is inarguably one of the most secretive groups of people in the world. The people lived in a closed community and rarely made any contact with the outside world. Jeffs taught his followers to believe that outsiders are evil. Naturally, we don't know much about what their life was, and may still be, like.

To say that this book offers a glimpse into that secret world is an understatement. It delves into the nitty and the gritty--complete with photographs--leaving nothing to the imagination. It's heartbreakingly fascinating.

Some parts of the book are a bit slow going, but other than that, I absolutely LOVED it. It really makes you think: about your own beliefs, whether or not you're being "brainwashed", how you determine what is truth, etc. It definitely intensified the gratitude I feel for the freedom and possibilities in my life. Above all, it got me down on my knees thanking God that my daughter would never have to live such a life.

Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Here's a little way to save time/money....

My bangs were finally long enough to really bother me, as shown here:


1. Put hair in a ponytail, leaving out the bangs (obviously).
Dampen your hair just a bit and comb those puppies down nice and straight!

2. Part the bangs in the center and pin one side back. It's MUCH easier to do one side at a time.

3. Starting from the middle, hold your shears vertically and "point cut" at little tiny chunks of hair. "Point cutting" is pretty self explanatory. Just "point" the tips of your shears right where you want to cut, and cut! Do NOT cut horizontally!
If you don't already have bangs as a template to follow, go all the way to just past the outer corners of your eye. I like to leave the outsides just a bit longer to blend in with the rest of my hair.
(Don't worry about being a perfectionist here, it doesn't need to be cut perfectly straight across.)

So far, so good!

4. Now unpin the rest of your bangs and do the exact same thing on the other side. Start from the middle so you can line it up to the hair you just cut.

6. Almost done! Go back over everything and clean up random hairs that you missed.

7. When you're all done, blow dry and style like normal and do a final sweep for stray hairs.

Ta da!

Color Palette: Blossom Romance

blossom romance

I instantly fell in love with the color scheme in this photo when I saw it on Pinterest, so I decided to create a color palette. Mmm, isn't it lovely?

I'm pretty sure making color palettes will be my new obsession.