Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sugar Fast

A few days ago, I decided to do a sugar fast.
No added sugar, no treats, dessert, cereal, sweeteners.
Not even fruit.

Here are some things sugar does to you:
- fatigue
- mood swings (irritability, hyperactivity, anxiety)
- depression
- acne
- lower quality of sleep
- frequent urination
- loss of collagen (the stuff that keeps your skin looking young)
- bloating
- joint pain
- weight gain
- feeds cancer and yeast overgrowths

I'll leave it at that.
Anyway, I knew all of this, but still went on eating sugar by the boatload: cereal every morning, PB&J, candy, cookies, caramel bars, ice cream...
You get the picture.

I decided it was actually time to try cutting out sugar after dealing with chronic (long term) fatigue/low energy, body stiffness, headaches, bloating, and lots of...GAS.
There, I said it.

After waking up pretty much every day stiff and unrefreshed, I made the decision.
(I still allow myself to eat other simple carbs, although I usually don't).

Today is Day 3.

I'm AMAZED at how I feel.
And at how easy it is to go off of sugar! I thought it would be completely miserable!
I think it would have been that way had I decided to only LOWER my sugar intake, not stop it completely.
Sugar only makes you crave more sugar, so it makes sense that you don't crave as much.

Day 3 Report:

- WAY more energy, which is probably due to....
- Better quality of sleep!
- No stiffness in the morning (waking up refreshed)
- Improved and steady mood
- clear skin (so far)

Seriously, I'm floored by how big of a difference removing sugar can make.
I feel invigorated and my body is thanking me.
And while I may or may not have hidden away a caramel bar to be eaten at the end of this week, I have to ask myself...

Is sugar really worth it?