Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Here's a little way to save time/money....

My bangs were finally long enough to really bother me, as shown here:


1. Put hair in a ponytail, leaving out the bangs (obviously).
Dampen your hair just a bit and comb those puppies down nice and straight!

2. Part the bangs in the center and pin one side back. It's MUCH easier to do one side at a time.

3. Starting from the middle, hold your shears vertically and "point cut" at little tiny chunks of hair. "Point cutting" is pretty self explanatory. Just "point" the tips of your shears right where you want to cut, and cut! Do NOT cut horizontally!
If you don't already have bangs as a template to follow, go all the way to just past the outer corners of your eye. I like to leave the outsides just a bit longer to blend in with the rest of my hair.
(Don't worry about being a perfectionist here, it doesn't need to be cut perfectly straight across.)

So far, so good!

4. Now unpin the rest of your bangs and do the exact same thing on the other side. Start from the middle so you can line it up to the hair you just cut.

6. Almost done! Go back over everything and clean up random hairs that you missed.

7. When you're all done, blow dry and style like normal and do a final sweep for stray hairs.

Ta da!

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  1. Looks so cute mal! I love bangs on you.